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What is Social Media Marketing ?

Social media networks represent markets and customers who are online and listening. Social media marketing is a phenomenon and this is a medium that no marketing organization can afford to ignore.

Social Media Characteristics

Social media when compared to traditional news media is different in several aspects. Lets discuss the main characteristics of social media marketing in detail.

Insight into Social Media Networks

As far as the marketers are concerned, social media is a huge world of opportunities where one is able to directly reach out the prospective customers as well as existing customers.

Social Media Vs Other Media

Management students and Marketing professions, it is very essential to understand all about the social medium in detail. Lets understand the difference between the social media and other types of media.

Social Web from Marketing Viewpoint

Social web networks are largely driven by content that is produced by the collective community that engages in conversation. Lets understand the social web from marketing viewpoint.

Social Web for Marketing Professionals

Every Marketing professional would need to include the social media into his marketing campaign. Understanding the consumer behavior on the social web is very important for every marketing professional.

Group Behaviour on Social Web

Social web consists of various channels link - blogs, forums, photo/video sharing, emails, chatting, etc. It is very important for every marketing professional to understand the group behaviour on social web.

Understanding Social Media Channels

In this article we will discuss about blogs and wikis which happen to be very popular medium of social media channels on the web.

Social Web Channels - RSS Feeders

RSS stands for - Really Simple Syndication. In this article we will discuss about the concept of rss feeds and how does marketing company benefit by using them.

Social Networks and Social Web

One of the key aspects of understanding the Social Web is to understand and go through the various Social Networks. Social networks consist of individuals as well as communities that have similar interest.

Advertising on Social Networks

Advertising on Social Network is a different as compared to the other medium. Lets understand in detail about how does the advertising on social networks takes place.

Brand Building on Social Web

Social Networks are a great place for advertising as well as brand promotions. Social network provides the right platform for launching new brands into the market.

Advertisement Planning on Social Web

Online marketing and advertising are done differently from the traditional ways. Lets understand the ways in which the online community builds and endorses a product or service.

Who Controls the Social Web Content?

Nowadays it is very important for the marketers to actively participate on the social web. Marketers might not be able to control the content, but they can definitely influence and guide the discussions that are taking place on the web.

Power of Feedback and Content

Social Networks are the very effective platforms that provide the real feedback from the Customers. Lets understand the importance of feedback that is provided on the social networks.

Social Network Feedback Analysis

Social Media Feedback Analysis is of immense value to Marketing, Advertising, Customer Service as well as the Research and Development Department and the Product development team.

Social Media Channel and Tools

Social media channels consists of several websites, blogs, forums, videos etc. Lets learn more about the social media channels and tools.

Social Media Channels - Categorization

Social Media Channels can be grouped together under various categories like Platforms, Content and Networks promoting interactions. Social Media Channels Categorization is of immense importance for Mareketers.

Identifying Marketing Opportunity

Nowadays advertisements on the TV and Print media are ignored largely by the audience. There are several opportunities for placing advertisements on social networks. Lets discuss these opportunities in detail.

Social Networks for Marketing Purposes

In this article, we discuss how organizations are using social Networks including the personal social networks as well as professional/business networks and white label networks for marketing and organizational purposes.

Multiple Business Objectives with SMM

Understanding the different platforms available on the Web, it is very essential to decide on the mix and match of channels that the organizations choose to promote their products and/or services.

Building Online Reputation with SMM

Building your online reputation is not simple and cannot be done overnight. The articlue discuss that with sustained and planned online activity and participation we can build up our online reputation over a period of time.

Blogging as a Communication Channel

Blogging is one of the easiest and fastest ways of interacting with your prospective and existing customers on the web. Lets understand how blogging is used as an effective marketing communication channel.

Different Types of Blogs

In this article, we discuss about the different types of blogs that are available in Social Media Channels today. For example - Personal Blogs, Corporate Blogs, Micro Blogging etc.

What are Micro Blogs ?

Micro blogs are those types of blogs that use very quick, small and short messages either in audio, text or video forms. In this article we will discuss in detail all about the micro blogs.

Social Media and Quantitative Tools

Quantitative Tools like ratings, reviews and recommendations, etc are really helpful in engaging the customers as well as getting to know their feedback.

Use of Quantitative Tools in SMM

The article discusses the use of quantitative tools such as Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations in Social Media Marketing. These quantitative tools are helpful for both - Marketers as well as Customers.

Usage of QT in Social Content

Use of quantitative tools in social content, like - ratings, recommendations, reviews, etc have become very effective means of giving the voice to customers feedbacks.

The Need for Effective Organizational Policies on Social Media and Personal Devices

With Smartphones becoming Ubiquitous and Social Media usage becoming pervasive, organizations must device effective and sensible policies regulating such usage and preventing hacking and loss of productivity. Indeed, the key theme that this article discusses is that extreme policies such as banning such usage outright or permitting such usage without qualifications is not the solution and hence, there needs to be a balance between the organizational needs and the personal needs to ensure that such policies are effective.

Reputation Management in the Age of 24/7 Media and Viral Social Media Transmissions

The modern media landscape is fraught with dangers to reputations of the famous as well as the not so famous entities and individuals. Reputations can be made by a single Tweet that goes viral and a Facebook post that is shared or a WhatsApp message that is circulated widely. Thus, there is a need for reputation management in the present age. However, it is also the case that the powerful are more adept at media management mainly because they have the resources to master the art of media messaging. Having said that, this article also explains why reputation management is important with real world examples.

The Power and Perils of Influencers in a Social Media Driven World

This article examines the power of influencers in our social media driven world and argues that power comes with responsibility and accountability and hence, suggests some steps that all stakeholders can take to ensure that fake news and misleading content is not posted by the influencers. Starting with definitions and how influencers derive their power, we then discuss the flip side and call for more self regulation as well as third party regulation in addition to exhorting all to exercise more discernment on social media.

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