Tips for new employees in an organization

Being in a new job brings in lot of apprehensions, anxiety, and do’s and don’ts. Here is what should be done after getting a new job...

  1. What is it that your supervisor expects: Always be clear of your supervisor’s expectations. Whether your supervisor is detail oriented or does he/she like to see only the big picture, it is relevant to know if your supervisor wants you to send him documents for validation before you send them out.

    Keep in mind that your supervisor has been in this job more than you have and he/she knows what pleases the customers. Take tips from him whether to send a detailed report to a particular customer or a snapshot in bullet points.

  2. Follow the company brand guidelines: Each company has their own brand guidelines which detail out their logo, font size and colour, letter head format, etc. Be sure to follow the guidelines to the core.

    Always use the standard auto signatures and avoid using smiley or cartoon characters.

    Tips for New Employees

  3. Identify your mentor: Try and look for a mentor who is experienced in his role. He or she need not be from the same department or function, however, his experience will help gain some positive tips on how to communicate within the organization.

  4. Ask for feedback: It is very essential that feedback is asked for. As a new resource you might not get it right the first time, however, to ensure it happens right the next time, ask for feedback.

    Be cautious - ask for feedback from people who know about the subject. Also, be specific while requesting for feedback. For instance, “Did I explain the objectives clearly?”

  5. Learn about the organization structure & culture: Get to know more about the hierarchy and the organization structure.

    Every organization has its culture and it is necessary that a new job holder imbibes the new culture.

  6. Find out about the “Turn Around Time” [TAT]: It will be a good idea to find out what is the protocol around the turnaround time while responding to e-mails or any other form of communication. Follow the protocol always.

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