Tips and Suggestions for Those Wishing to Enter Creative Professions

If you are thinking of making a living through creative professions such as writing, design, art, or the other creative and offbeat professions, there are indeed ample opportunities to make tons of money as well as indulge in one’s passion.

While in earlier eras, only a few among the writers and artists as well as designers and theatre and movie actors used to make it big and join the Big Leagues, at present, there are enough opportunities and scope for anyone who puts in hard work and follows their passions through diligent and disciplined work.

Indeed, the fact that the internet has made it possible for freelance writers to earn lots of money and the Smartphone and Mobile Computing revolution have made it possible for artists to earn fame and importantly, money, means that there are chances aplenty for those who can seek such opportunities and be ambitious in their pursuits.

However, to get there, writers and artists, as well as designers and actors, have to follow some methods, a few of which we suggest based on our experience.

While we do not claim that this article would be the definitive guide for those entering the creative professions, nonetheless, we believe that with some diligence and thought as well as smart pitching and ambition, there is no limit to which writers and artists in the contemporary times can make a decent living off their passions.

Indeed, while in earlier eras, parents used to limit the ambitions of their creatively inclined children out of concerns that such pursuits do not earn a living, the situation now is very different wherein parents are taking the lead in encouraging their children to follow their passions as well as infuse some hard work and discipline in addition to nurturing their creative talents.

The first thing that aspiring creative people must do is to be based in a city or region where there are opportunities aplenty. For instance, whereas New York in the United States and London and Paris in Europe, and Mumbai in India, were usually suggested to creative people as the places to be in, the evolution of California, Los Angeles (the center of Hollywood), and cities such as Singapore and Beijing in China have also entered into the lists of people who can pursue their passions.

We must caution you that the place you choose must be based on the kind of creative career you are looking for.

Indeed, if you are a writer or an artist wishing to make a political and ideological statement from your work, you must avoid those places where there are censorship and restrictions on creative freedom.

If you want to pursue creative careers as a profession, the world is your canvas (literally as well as metaphorically) since every major city world over has a place for such expressions of creativity as a means of earning a living.

Apart from this, with the internet and the Smartphone, you do not even need to be location constrained as by having a dedicated workspace in your own home or a studio, you can easily produce works of art which you then send to prospective clients for money as well as from an artistic pursuit perspective.

Apart from that, freelance artists and part-time actors and designers are not the only choices for you as there are enough jobs that are comparable to the mainstream professions where writers and artists can hope to earn decent salaries.

Indeed, there are jobs aplenty for writers in the big corporates since the internet-based, and digital marketing methods have opened up the need for all organizations to have web design and content needs.

It is a fact that there are professional outfits that employ writers and artists and which cater to the above mentioned needs of corporates and governmental organizations.

Thus, we can confidently state that while the stereotype of writers and artists as struggling souls is in the past, and the new breed of professional writers, artists, and actors as well as designers can be role models for anyone choosing to enter such professions.

As all of us who watch YouTube and the various entertainment channels online and on TV know, there are enough opportunities for actors and designers to make a full-time career out of their talents and creativity.

This means that for those of you who would want to pursue such professions, our advice is that after doing your due diligence, do not hold yourself back, and instead, plunge into the creative career with gusto.

Lastly, while the tone of the article so far has been upbeat, we would also like to remind you that if you want to enter a creative career fulltime, you need to treat that as you would treat a full-time job. Thus, give the best to the job as well as do not compromise on hard work and discipline and do not hold yourself back against ambition and the need to market your talents.

Indeed, as any successful writer or artist or actor would tell you, once you choose to make a living from a creative career, the chances are that it would be as demanding as high flying banking or technology career.

Hence, do not be carried away by the notion of an artist or writer who has their head in the clouds and instead, be prepared for the grind and the long haul where success might elude you at first, but once, you are set, there is no looking back.

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