Tips to Strengthen Bond Among Employees

Employees are the biggest asset of an organization. In today’s scenario of cut throat competition, individuals need to work together as a team and also strive hard to deliver their level best. Negative feelings like jealousy, ego and so on have no place in the professional world.

Let us go through some tips to strengthen the bond among employees:

Team leaders have a major role in strengthening the bond among employees. New employees must be inducted well into the system. They must be aware of the rules and regulations of the organization and also know their counterparts well.

Ask the new employee to introduce himself/herself in front of other employees. The existing employees can also brief about their roles and responsibilities in the organization so that everyone knows who the other person is.

Individuals should be motivated to work together as a team. It is the responsibility of the team leaders to make their employees understand that every individual is working for a common goal - earn revenues for the organization. No one is doing any favour for the organization.

Remember, in today’s business scenario, an employee cannot survive if he/she prefers to work in isolation. Working together as a team is in fact the need of the hour. Leaders need to sit with their subordinates on a regular basis and ask them to present their ideas and strategies which they feel would help them achieve their targets within the shortest possible time frame.

Discussions must be on an open forum for everyone to participate. Give them some time to prepare a nice presentation on their previous achievements and what all steps they feel are important for their career growth. Do not keep it a very formal session, else employees would never open up and you will only come to know about their strengths not their weaknesses. Yes, very few employees share their problem areas with their bosses. They generally prefer to keep it secret.

Motivate employees to talk among themselves, share their experiences and also gain from each other’s expertise. You would be surprised to see that employees would solve many of their problems among themselves only. They would come to you only when it is a critical matter.

Ask your team members to sit together on a common platform every morning or at the end of the day to discuss their problems, grievances, work and yes sometimes their personal lives as well. Do not be a part of every meeting. You can attend it once or twice. This way employees not only break the ice among themselves but also come closer to each other.

Team Bonding

Bosses need to treat all employees as one. Do not give any special treatment to anyone. Unnecessary favouritism leads to jealousy among employees. Encourage employees to celebrate success, birthdays, festivals together.

Let the employees work together as a group and organize, for example the annual function or for that matter any other office event. The idea is not only to bring them closer but also strengthen the bond among them. Motivate employees to appreciate their fellow worker, if he/she has performed exceptionally well. Ask them to take a treat from “Employee of the month”. A small pizza party goes a long way in strengthening the bond among employees.

Encourage them to have friends at the workplace. Let them have their lunches together or go out for small outings for them to get to know each other well. Individuals need to have the contact numbers of their fellow workers.

There is absolutely no harm if employees talk and meet after office hours. Bosses should not have problem with the same. Also ask your employees to leave their ego behind, the moment they step in the organization.

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