Types of Employee Behaviour

Let us go through following five types of employee behaviour at workplace:

Task Performers

Such individuals are well aware of their key responsibility areas and what they are supposed to do at the workplace. Every individual needs to have some goals in life. Task performers set targets for themselves and strive hard to accomplish tasks within the stipulated time frame. Set a direction for yourself. It works. The roles and responsibilities should be in line with organization’s goals and objectives. Task performers concentrate on their work, never lose their focus so that they meet deadlines and achieve targets on or before time. Such individuals work in close coordination with clients and customers, train their fellow workers and try to finish tasks on time with minimum possible errors. They do not believe in working alone and prefer working in teams. Working in unison helps them not only meet and exceed superior’s expectations but also accomplish tasks within the desired time frame.

Organizational Citizenship

In today’s scenario of cut-throat competition, organizations need to provide something extra to clients for them to survive in the long run and outshine competitors. Remember, mere performing daily job responsibilities would not help. You need to think out of the box, if you aspire to reach the top slot within the shortest possible time frame. Find out what extra, apart from your regular job, you are doing for the organization. Managers need to encourage employees to gain from each other’s knowledge and expertise. Help your colleagues. Lend a sympathetic ear to their problems. If one of your team members is not able to perform a particular task, sit with him, brainstorm ideas and help him find an appropriate solution. Show genuine courtesy towards fellow workers. There is absolutely no harm in knowledge sharing. Help your co workers acquire new skills and learnings.

Counterproductive Work Behaviour

Individuals with counterproductive work behaviour have a tendency to harm their organization. Such individuals not only speak ill of their organization but also abuse fellow workers and pass lewd comments. They are often involved in objectionable activities and doing unproductive tasks which spoil the entire work culture. Individuals with counterproductive work behaviour are often indulged in thefts, leaking confidential information, data tampering and so on. Such individuals need to be dealt with patience. Encourage them to get rid of their negative traits, else show them the exit door immediately.

Joining and Staying with the Organization

It is essential for individuals to stay with the organization for quite some time. Organizations need to treat employees with respect for them to stick around for a long time and do not even think of quitting their jobs. When talented people leave, knowledge is lost, eventually work suffers. Talent acquisition professionals ought to check the background, past track record and credibility of new joinees to avoid problems later on. While hiring, do not forget to find out how frequently they have changed jobs in the past.

Maintaining Work Attendance

Employees need to attend office regularly. Take a leave, only when there is an emergency. Employees who find work as a mere source of burden and have nothing new and interesting to do, take frequent leaves as compared to individuals who love coming to work.

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