Ways to Influence Employee Behaviour

Let us go through some ways which go a long way in influencing employee’s behaviour. It is essential for managers to guide their team members and encourage them to behave sensibly at workplace. Employees need to feel important at workplace for them to develop a positive attitude and a sense of loyalty and attachment towards organization.

Managers need to acknowledge the hard work of employees. Appreciate them in front of others for them to feel motivated and perform better even the next time. They would not only feel good about the organization but also encourage others to pull up their socks and work harder. Give them correct feedbacks. If the hard work of employees goes unnoticed, they would never feel like working and often think of changing their jobs. Reward them suitably. It is essential to value each individual’s contributions.

Make sure no employee is overburdened. Roles and responsibilities of employees ought to be as per their specialization, interest level and expertise. Job mismatch leads to confusions and employees eventually lose interest in work. In such cases, they often waste their time in browsing useless websites, chatting with friends and doing all sorts of unproductive tasks.

Employees need to be aware of the rules and regulations of organization. Understand what your manager expects of you? Remember, you are not a kid who can shout or roam around at the workplace. Do not forget that there is a certain way to behave at workplace. You need to behave sensibly. Follow the office timings. If your office timing is 9 AM to 6 PM, make sure that you are in the office till 8.55 PM.

Do not make fun of employees who do not perform well. Criticizing them will not only demotivate the employees but also make them feel left out. You need to deal with them intelligently. Sit with them and find out where they are lacking and what all assistance they expect from you. Instead of shouting on them, discuss their problems and help them find a solution. Find out what all additional skills would help them deliver better. Let them open up and come out with their problems. Do not address their grievances in public. They might not like it and would always hide their problems in future. Show that you care for them.

Managers need to sit with their team members and monitor their performances on a regular basis. As a manager, if you yourself are not serious, how can you expect your team members to concentrate on work? Never badmouth your organization or clients in front of your employees. Interact with them as much as you can. Enquiring about their personal lives make them feel happy and valued.

Allow them to take some decisions on their own. This gives them a sense of responsibility towards work and organization. Managers should trust their employees. Grant them decision making rights and allow them to work on their own within the specific guidelines. Do not interfere much in their work.

Employees need to have freedom of expression. Let them speak and express their views and opinions. They need to have a say in organization’s major decisions.

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