What Do Employees Expect From Managers?

It is essential for managers to know what their employees expect from them and the organization.

Let us find out what an employee expects from his managers and superiors:

Every individual is hungry for recognition. A manager needs to acknowledge the hard work of employees and appreciate them in front of others. This way, employees feel motivated to deliver better results and also feel attached towards the organization. Every employee expects his/her manager to praise him/her in front of other team members. Give them their due credit. Make them feel important. Put their names on notice boards, and reward them suitably. Money is a strong motivating factor for employees.

Every employee expects his/her superiors to be polite with him/her. Never shout on your team members. Being a Boss does not give you the authority to be rude with your subordinates. Lend a sympathetic ear to their problems and help them whenever possible.

Employees expect their managers to act as a strong pillar of support for them. As a manager, you need to stand by your team members under all circumstances. Trust me, employees feel happy if their superiors sit with them and assist them in their work. Motivate them to come up with innovative ideas and improvement solutions. Help them plan their day. Employees expect your guidance and mentoring. You need to be a strong leader who is capable of providing a direction to his team members.Help them meet their targets and accomplish tasks within the shortest possible time frame. Give them honest feedbacks. Suggest them new techniques, strategies which would help them not only in their current job but also in their future assignments.

Employees expect their managers to be their role models. You need to be a strong source of inspiration for them. Your team members would definitely copy your style, thus be very careful of what you wear at workplace. Create a style of your own which is unique.

Do not hesitate to give employees additional responsibilities provided you feel he/she is capable of performing a particular task. Make them accountable for various projects. Give them opportunities which would give them a chance to display their talent and creativity. Problems arise when employees start treating work as a mere source of burden. Employees feel frustrated when they do not have something new to work on.

Employees expect managers to interact with them. No one likes to work in an organization where they need to take permission to speak to their reporting bosses. How would you feel if your boss does not wish you on your Birthday? Yes, employees expect their reporting bosses to wish them at least on their special days. Greet your employees with a smile.

Be transparent with your employees. Do not be too rigid with them. Give them some freedom and liberty to take decisions on their own. Believe me; work will suffer if they have to take approvals for everything. Do not be after their lives for every small thing. Do not ask them to keep you in loop in every email. Let them handle situations on their own. Give them freedom to work in their own way.

Treat your employees as one. Never make fun of your team members.

Employees expect their salaries to be released on time. Never hold back their salaries or incentives. Sign their bills on time and do not ask for unnecessary explanations.

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