Why Dissatisfaction in Customers?

When the suppliers are unable to entertain customers or their business strategies fail to build a good relationship with customers, they probably end up with customers’ dissatisfaction. Their can be many reasons for the customers to become dissatisfied. Some of these reasons are:

  1. Taking example of India, most of the population here are vegetarian. They do not require a bigger space in their refrigerator for deep freeze option. But still, following foreign trend of making refrigerators most of the manufacturers are providing huge capacity deep freezers. If the people are not able to use this space or option, it is waste for them. Obviously they feel dissatisfied with this.

  2. Vacuum cleaner, one of the modest innovative equipment which was invented to reduce manual household works on just click of a button. It is a huge success in European countries where the environment is dusty as compared to other parts of the world and the cost for managing household work is pretty expensive.

    But in countries like United Stated where the environment is very different and dust free, there is no need for installing this equipment in house as it would be kept uselessly in house.

    In India the environment is lot dusty but the cost exempted for managing the household work is very cheap and affordable, so why people will go and buy a vacuum cleaner and invest a lot of money in that, if they can hire a manual cleaner boy without investing much. If they buy a vacuum cleaner and later on feel that it is turning out to be expensive and tedious deal then it brings dissatisfaction among them.

  3. The eating tradition in India is very much different from other countries. In Europe, people usually eat continental food and they have habit of appetizing the main course with bread, so they usually keep a small plate (normally called quarter plate) in the left hand side so that the bread is available to eat in between with left hand. In India, people prefer ‘Roti’ (Indian version of bread) and they like to eat it with right hand so they want the small plate to be kept on right hand side. But in India, most of the good restaurants are influenced by European traditions and keep on serving the small plates on left hand side on the table. This creates uneasiness for the people to eat food which leads to dissatisfaction.

  4. Problem also occurs when the customers get wrongly customized products. This is because of the communication gaps between supplier and customers and forcing the customer to become dissatisfied due to this.

  5. Apart from delivering good and quality products it is equally important for the suppliers to provide excellent post deal services.

    For example, a customer bought a Fax machine from a supplier and suddenly something went wrong and the machine stopped sending fax at the time when there was an urgent fax to be sent. Customer called the supplier and asked for urgent support but none of the executive at the supplier’s side was available for fixing this issue. Customer finally took some local vendor’s help to fix as it was very urgent. Such a situation can develop an irritating gesture for customers against the supplier and to his dissatisfaction.

Apart from the above examples many more similar reasons could lead to customer’s dissatisfaction. It is very important for the supplier to concentrate on customer’s needs and provide him the required products and services. If desired measures are not taken, customer’s dissatisfaction could possibly build poor relationships between the two parties which could break anytime.

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