Zinger Model of Employee Engagement

An expert on engagement, David Zinger is a Canadian based management consultant whose work is designed to fostering relationships to increase the employee engagement in your organisation. With an experience of more than 25 years in this field, he is able to combine the current researches with practical approaches in order achieve substantial results.

Based on his extensive and thorough work on employee engagement, he has introduced a workable model that throws light on various aspects of employee involvement, dedication and engagement. The model is called Zinger Model on Employee Engagement. The model provides organisations with 12 keys that a manager must follow to achieve significant results.

Zinger Model of Employee Engagement

  1. Achieve Results: Achieving the desired results, i.e., higher levels of employee engagement is the ultimate aim of the Zinger model; however, the process is well supported by various other steps. The managers need to work on self as well as the employees of the company through well crafted strategies.

  2. Craft Strategies: Crafting appropriate strategies to achieve higher levels of employee engagement is the first and foremost task. It involves a lot of planning and considerations of employee as well as organisational requirements. Managers can seek helps from professional management consultants in order to craft effective strategies.

  3. Enliven Roles: Employees will love their work when it seems interesting to them. Managers should work on redefining their tasks and responsibilities in a manner that eliminates the element of boredom from their job to keep them interested in their work.

  4. Excel at Work: Motivating employees to perform work certainly pays off. An organisation must have a system for recognising and rewarding employees for their efforts so that they remain stimulated to perform better and better.

  5. Get Connected: Managers must remain connected to their subordinates so that they can share their problems and ask for advice to perform their tasks. Communication is the backbone of every managerial process.

  6. Be Authentic: Being real and genuine is what is expected from a leader. Top management, HR people as well as immediate managers should show genuine concern towards the problems of employees and make dedicate efforts to help them get rid of it.

  7. Live Recognition: Recognising the efforts of employees in front of everyone not only boost their moral but also encourages them to stay with the organisation and perform their best always.

  8. Fully Engage: The desired results can be achieved in the fastest possible way only if employees are fully engage. A comprehensive study about what actually engages or disengages the employees must be conducted. Designing and implementing appropriate strategies is the next step.

  9. Identify with Organisation: Employees stay in organisation for long years if they feel connected to their organisation. Management should understand that they are their most important assets without which nothing can be achieved.

  10. Serve Customers: Only engaged employees can serve their customers in the best possible manner. Maintain a tradition and culture to offer the best services to the customers. Making employees aware of this tradition of the organisation from time to time can help a great deal.

  11. Develop Personally: Organisation should not only focus on attaining its goal but also on the overall development of an employee. Employees who grow with the organisation are deeply connected to their workplace and always ready to walk that extra mile to achieve success for it.

  12. Attain Happiness: Happy and satisfied employees are the most important assets of an organisation. The secret behind the success of highly productive businesses is their happy employees.

David Zinger Model on Employee Engagement considers all important aspects that could impact the involvement, engagement and dedication of employees.

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