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Production & Operations Management

Production and operations management talks about applying business organization and management concepts in creation of goods and services.

Operations: Policy and Strategy

It is very important for an organization to have well defined objective. Operational strategy is essential to achieve operational goals set by organization in alignment with overall objective of the company.

International Production Management

International production and operations management deals with production of goods and services in international locations and markets. Lets understand the meaning and important features of IPOM in detail.

Managing Technology in OM

Technology drives efficiency in organization and increases the productivity. Lets understand how the usage of technology in operations management has been advantageous to the organizations.

Value Analysis

All organizations strive to create value for their customers. Lets understand in detail about what is Value Analysis, its Objectives and Benefits.

Effective Product Design

Customer satisfaction is achieved through development of product and service, which have all attributes required by the customer. Lets discuss the features, stages and factors affecting the product design.

Process Design and Analysis

A product or service designed is based on the customer feedback and requirement of the market. The article discusses about the steps involved in process development during the process design.

Integrated Product Development

Integrated product and process development combines the product design processes along with the process design. The article looks in detail about the advantages and key factors for integrated product and process development.

Facility Location

Facility Location is the right location for the manufacturing facility. Facility Location determination is a very important decision. Lets discuss the factors that influence the location of a facility.

Facility Layout

The article discusses in detail about the Facility Layout Objectives, Design of the Facility Layout, Different Types of Layouts and the Factors affecting the Layout.

Demand Forecasting

The main objective of forecasting is to help the organization to manage the present as to prepare for the future by examining the most probable future demand pattern. Lets discuss the objectives, classification and characteristics of a good forecast.

Why Forecasting has Become Very Difficult for Individuals, Firms, and Nations

Most experts predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency. Most experts predicted that Brexit Vote would be harmful. However, as we know now, the opposite happened. Similarly, businesses were caught unawares by the Global Recession. So, why has forecasting become difficult? This article seeks to understand this question by discussing how converging trends of globalization, localization, accelerating technology, politics, and demography, all are making our present risk anticipating and mitigating models redundant.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is a technique used to identify and measure overall capacity of the production. Lets discuss in detail about what is capacity planning, its classification and goals.

Aggregate Planning

Aggregate planning is an operational activity critical to the organization. Lets discuss in detail the importance, strategies and factors affecting aggregate planning.

Materials and Resource Planning

Material and Manufacturing Planning System is one of the key essentials of a production plan. The article discusses the Objectives, Advantages, Disadvantages and Implementation of Materials and Resource Requirement Planning.

Production Planning and Control

Planning and Control are very important for success of an operation unit. For effective operation in a manufacturing unit, it is essential to integrate the production planning and control system.

Operations Scheduling

Operations scheduling and workplace planning is implemented during transformation of input to output. Lets understand the important aspects of operations scheduling and workplace planning in detail.

Waiting Line (Queue) Management

The waiting line management or queue management is an important part of the service industry. Lets understand the important aspects of waiting line (queue) management system.

Inventory Management and Just In Time

The article discusses in detail about the Need for Inventory Management, Inventory Costs, Inventory Models and Fundamentals of Just In Time Inventory.

Warehouse and Materials Management

Any damage to the materials is going to increase cost of production. It is very important to have a robust and effective warehouse and materials management system in an organization.

Material Handling

In any organization, there is a considerable amount of material handling in one form or the other. The article discusses in detail about the principles, operations and equipments of material handling.

Maintenance Policy and Repair

It is very importance for an organization to have a robust and effective maintenance and repair policy in place. Lets discuss the importance of maintenance and repair policy in detail.

Quality - A Tool for Achieving Excellence

One of the best ways to exceed customers expectations is by providing them with the best quality products and services. The article discusses in detail about the Total Quality Management as a tool for achieving excellence.

Quality Control Techniques

Quality control techniques require extensive usage of statistical methods. Lets discuss in detail the Statistical Quality Control Techniques.

World Class Manufacturing

World class manufacturing is a collection of concepts, which set standard for production and manufacturing for other organizations. Lets discuss the principles and other important aspects of world class manufacturing in detail.

Work Study and Industrial Engineering

Work study and Industrial Engineering plays a very important role in production and operations management. Both these methods are employed to measure and improve the overall productivity.

Quantitative Techniques

Decision making is important for survival of any business. The article discusses in detail the various quantitative techniques used in decision making process.

What is Learning Curve ?

The learning curve shows that if a person performs similar task again and again, then after a period of time there will be an improvement in his/her performance. Lets understand the concept of learning curve in detail.

Reliability and Redundancy

Performance of any product is determined by its reliability and redundancy. The article discusses in detail about the concept of reliability and redundancy in production management.

Productivity and Its Role in Shaping Economies and Businesses

This article discusses how productivity benefits all of us and points out that to remain competitive, economies, firms, and workers need to constantly reinvent themselves. The key theme in this article is that workers should not be left out of the race when new technologies and trends emerge and make their status redundant. Therefore, this article exhorts all of you to either remain in the hunt or be hunted and discarded aside when more productive and more skilled competitors emerge on the scene.

What is Productivity and Why it is Important to Corporates, Nations, and Professionals?

What is productivity? Why is it so important to corporates, nations, and professionals? Why are some professionals more productive than others? What is the role of technology and innovation in productivity increases or decreases? Why are some economists developing new models to take into account the Impact of the Sharing Economy where it is difficult to differentiate between producers and consumers? These are some of the questions that would be answered in this article.

On-Demand Manufacturing

This article explains the concept of on-demand manufacturing. It also explains why on-demand manufacturing is better than mass production. The advantages of on-demand manufacturing from a financial, operational as well as environmental standpoint have been explained.

Operational Transparency

This article explains the concept of operational transparency. It explains why transparency is important and how it affects the satisfaction levels of consumers as well as employees.

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