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The execution of many Six Sigma projects depends upon specialized knowledge. This knowledge may be required in the creation of the project solution or in error proofing it. It is for this reason that Specialized Knowledge Teams often need to be deployed for the success of the project. Here are a few important things about these teams that need to be known to effectively deploy them:

Who are Specialized Knowledge Teams ?

Specialized Knowledge Teams are central to the organization. These teams are usually working on a wide variety of Information technology, process improvement and Six Sigma projects simultaneously. A good example of such teams would be the team of IT experts or Risk Management personnel.

In many cases, the organization is not big enough to afford the services of these personnel on a regular basis. In such cases, external consultants are hired. These consultants have the requisite skills and work as a part of the Six Sigma Project Team

Stage at which Required

There are no fixed rules when it comes to the use of Specialized Knowledge Teams. They could be used at any stage of the project depending upon the needs. However, since the services of such teams, whether internal or external, are rare and expensive, the Project lead must have a clear cut agenda for them.

The Project Lead is often required to give them clear cut deliverables to achieve along with the resources required and a time frame to reach a solution. The performance of such teams is then evaluated on the basis of their ability to achieve the specific tasks they acquired.

Job Description

  • The Specialized Knowledge Teams are supposed to be experts in their field.

  • The Specialized Knowledge Teams are supposed to bring cutting edge technology solutions to the Six Sigma projects.

  • The Specialized Knowledge Teams are supposed to educate the project team members about how to use the deployed technology and what are the risks it entails.

  • The Specialized Knowledge Teams must be available for help, if required, for a small time frame after they have delivered what was required of them.

Job Specification

  • The Specialized Knowledge Teams must be experts in the field of IT, Risk Management, Compliance etc. This is because these are the fields where expert knowledge is usually sought out.

  • The Specialized Knowledge Team is responsible for understanding the compliance and regulatory issues if any.

  • The Specialized Knowledge Team must have good people skills. This is because they will be required to collect information from a wide variety of stakeholders. They will also be expected to impart training to the project team personnel and stay available for help, if required, at later stages.

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