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Disaster Recovery - Introduction

The risks faced by the Businesses, coupled with the highly demanding and intensively competitive markets demand Business Organizations to have Business Risk analysis, Disaster Recovery and Business continuity plan in place.

What is Disaster Recovery Plan ?

Any disaster can threaten the smooth running of a business. The causes may be natural, manmade or accidental. To avoid such situations, one needs to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place.

Risks Covered by the DR Plans

Disaster Recovery Plans mainly covers the risk of disruption to Business Process, Risk of Life to employees, Management Control and Asset recovery.

Disaster Recovery & Crisis Management

Crisis management is a part of Disaster management. Lets understand the relationship between disaster management and crisis management.

Ownership of Disaster Recovery Plans

The effectiveness of the Disaster Recovery plans depends upon the preparedness of the teams and the ownership of the plans. Lets discuss in detail about who should own the Disaster Recovery or Crisis Management Plans.

Building DR and BC Plans

The articles explains in detail about the major steps involved in developing disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

DR and BC Planning Concepts

The main aim of any disaster recovery and business continuity plan is to get the business process up and running in the least minimum time.

DR & BC Sites and Options

The article discusses the types of disaster recovery and business continuity sites and other options available with the companies for recovery assisstance.

DR & BC - A Developing Field

The concept of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is of fairly recent origin. This being a growing field, offers a huge scope for IT professionals and management students.

DR & BC - Planning Phase

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning requires in-depth knowledge of the industry, the particular business and the processes.

Content of a Good DR & BC Plan

A good Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan involves the management at various levels. Lets understand in detail about the content of a good disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

DR & BC and Management Approach

A planned approach of management in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans help organizations stay on the course by knowing what is required to be done during an emergency situation.

Recovery Time & Point Objectives

Every Business Impact Analysis determines the recovery time objective of a business taking into account the risks involved. Lets understand the concept of recovery time objective and recovery point objective in detail.

Risk of Data Loss & IT Systems Failures

Every Organization engages in a lot of IT Systems and Communication Tools. Any loss of data can seriously hamper the business operations and cause huge loss to the Organization.

IT System Backup as Part of DR Plan

IT System Failure is the highest risk area that needs to be looked into by the Disaster Recovery Plan. The article discusses the various ways and means of protecting the data loss.

IT Systems Operations and Practices

IT systems are very much prone to failures and disaster. The article discusses the best practices which should be followed in IT Operations for disaster prevention and recovery.

Prevention, Precaution and Recovery

IT systems, networks as well as softwares are highly sensitive and vulnerable and hence these businesses carry a high risk of IT systems failure. The article discusses about the prevention, precaution and recovery of IT system in case of a disaster.

How the Government Should Manage Natural Disasters

This article explains the role of the government in the event of a natural disaster. It explains that there are some services that the government has a competitive advantage in it. It also explains that there are some other services which can be provided better by private bodies.

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