Improving Morale by Knowing Your Employees

Knowing your employees well acts as an essential morale booster and plays a crucial role in extracting the best out of team members. Employees feel happy when their managers know them by their names and make them feel important. Employees tend to develop a sense of pride when their work gets noticed and appreciated by their Bosses. Managers should get along with their team members well and communicate with them effectively. Work suffers when employees feel left out at the workplace. Promote team work at workplace so that employees come together, share ideas and know each other better.

Managers ought to recognize the hard work of employees. Appreciate them whenever they perform any extraordinary task. This would not only motivate the employees who have performed well but also others who could not live up to the expectations this time. A manager needs to know who all employees have performed well and who all still need to pull up their socks.

Appreciating employees goes a long way in motivating employees and extracting the best out of them. A pat on their back is necessary to let them know that they are indispensable for the organization. Let them feel important. The moment, their work goes unnoticed they loose interest in work and attend office just for the sake of receiving paychecks. Knowing your employees and acknowledging their hard work inculcate a sense of pride and loyalty in individuals and they feel attached towards the organization. Employees must be given their share of the credit. There are organizations, where managers take away the whole credit. Such managers are always criticized and are never really liked by their team members. Small initiatives such as “Employee of the month”, “Star Performer” and so on make employees feel special and motivate them to strive hard to perform even better.

Greet employees with a smile. Never be rude to them. Managers ought to address team members on a common platform so that no one feels ignored. Discuss critical issues in the presence of all to pass on information in its desired form. Individuals should have the liberty to express their views and come up with innovative ideas and solutions. Avoid being partial at the workplace. Each and every employee ought to be treated as one. Do not ignore someone just because he is not well -to- do. The moment you discourage someone to speak and express his/her views, he/she fails to perform.

Wish employees on their birthdays and anniversaries. You need to have contact numbers of all your team members. Do not hesitate to call if the other person is in trouble. You need to enquire about your team members’ health, family, etc. Listen to their problems and try to give them solutions as well. Gone are the days when managers used to maintain a distance from their employees. Now a days it is essential for the supervisors to treat their employees with respect and understand them well. Do not treat your employees as mere slaves. Believe me; such an attitude will lead you nowhere.

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