Sales Follow Up Process in Multi Level Marketing

Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing is a very innovative sales concept.

The best thing about this concept is that it has no entry barriers and allows anyone and everyone to get involved in the network and to sell.

Secondly it allows people to take up Network marketing even as a second career.

It is true that practically anybody can join the network and start selling, but you will soon realize that in the process of learning to sell you will train yourself and become an excellent salesman and communicator.

Every Multi Level Marketing Distributor should realize that he or she is selling a concept first and not necessarily the product. When the concept works is when the network gets extended resulting in sales of products. Selling concept is not as easy as it looks on videos and on paper. At the same time it is not something that one cannot master.

As a part of presales you will have already done your homework of drawing up the contact list, arriving at a prospects list out of all your contacts based on your understanding or some pre qualification that you have set.

Depending upon the circumstances and the preference of the prospect you have met with the individuals on one to one basis or in an open house meeting and presented the concept of Network marketing.

Now comes the most crucial stage of the entire process. On the first instance no individual will be able to get a complete understanding of the entire concept and its workings. At the first instance he would just get a basic idea and it is possible that he is overwhelmed with the concept and the information that he has just been exposed to. Of course there may be few who would just buy the idea at that instance and agree to sign up immediately. But such people are far and few. Now you have entered the very important phase called ‘Follow Up’.

As a part of your sales training, you will have been trained on how to make presentation, how to take questions from people and to provide the best possible explanations. You will also be told of how to handle the follow up process subsequent to your presentation.

It is best to start following up with each individual case after giving them a fair period to mull over. This can mean a few days or a week at the most. The natural process that follows will be that the individuals would have started talking about the concept with their family and friends and formed some kind of opinion.

Some are likely to call back asking for more explanation and more details. They might invite you over to meet with their family and explain the concept once again. The basic question that these individuals are likely to ask themselves is whether they will be able to sell and build this business successfully.

Many people do not see themselves being capable of taking on such commitment. Quite a few are likely to be unclear and unsure. They would have recognized the opportunity that exists but will have a lot of doubts and questions in the mind.

The confidence at this stage is likely to be quite low. In few cases you will also find the entire family getting excited and wanting to get started immediately.

In all the above cases, you will be called upon to exhibit your communication and sales skills and help them reach the right conclusion.

When you meet the prospects the second time, you will need to first listen and understand not what they are saying but what they are meaning. If the individual says no at the first instance, it may not be a definitive ‘No’ to the opportunity. He/She might well be meaning that he is not confident or that he hasn’t understood the concept clearly.

To bring out the right reason and to alley his/her fears with facts and figures and get him to think with the right perspective you would need to use the art of listening, probing and explaining things and give the proper perspective to the person. There can be a lot of difference between what the prospect is saying and what he is meaning. This is when you will need to exhibit your sales training skills to help the individual get clarity, make up his mind and build his confidence.

End of the day, Network marketing calls for a lot of initiative, focus and hard work with consistency and above all a belief that it works and that you will make it work for you.

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