Ways to Improve Managerial Communication at Workplace

The exchange of ideas and information among managers or team leaders within an organization refers to managerial communication. Individuals need to communicate with each other effectively for better coordination and better relations amongst themselves.

Let us go through various ways to improve managerial communication skills at workplace:

  • One of the best ways for managers to improve communication at workplace is to know their team members well. Address all your team members by their names and interact with them more often. Sit with them atleast thrice in a week to know what they are upto? Try to read their expressions and find out whether they are able to understand what you intend to communicate or not? Find out whether they understand their roles and responsibilities or any other work assigned to them or not?

    Taking proper feedback from people you interact on a regular basis helps you improve your communication. In effective communication, message needs to be understood by the recipients in its desired form. Cross check with people to ensure they are clear as to what you intend to communicate. It will definitely help you know where you need to improve.

  • Be a good lisener. Improve your listening skills and it would automatically improve your communication skills. A patient listener is always a good communicator. If you listen carefully as to what the other person has to say, he would also pay attention to your conversation. Employees must patiently listen to what their managers have to say. Do not interrupt in between as it breaks the momentum. Note down your queries on a sheet of paper and ask only when the speaker is through with his speech.

  • Learn to express your thoughts in a positive way. You need not to be rude with someone for him to understand your message. Know what you are speaking. Be precise. Use relevant words in your speech. Using complicated terminology does not make your speech interesting, instead confuses the recipient.

  • Communicate with your team members on a common platform. This would reduce half of the misunderstandings and problems. Communicating separately with employees increases conflicts among team members and also spoils relation of team members with their bosses.

    A manager should master the art of keeping his personal and professional lives separate. Avoid giving special attention to someone just because he is your friend or picks your child daily from school. Each employee should have the liberty to express his/her opinions on an open forum without the fear of getting criticized or insulted.

  • As a good manager one should learn to keep a control on his/her emotions. Be Focussed. Make sure your words do not hurt the other person. Take care of your pitch and tone. If you are too soft, no one would be able to hear you properly and eventually the message loses its importance. If you are too loud and shout on others your team members would really not bother to listen to you.

  • One should know where to communicate. Not all places are meant for communication. Any kind of instruction given at the washroom or the lunch area would never be taken seriously. Avoid interacting at noisy places.

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