Skills of a B2B Marketing Professional

The transaction of goods and services between two businesses is called as business to business marketing. In business marketing, organizations do not deal with consumers who buy products for their end-use but to other organizations who either sell it further or utilize to support their own system.

Not everyone with a degree in management IS FIT FOR business to business marketing.

There are certain skills which are required in a B2B Professional.

Good Communication Skills: It is imperative for business marketers to communicate well with clients. Information must be passed on in its correct and desired form. Do not try to fool your clients or play with information. You would soon be caught in your own trap. Business to business marketing professional ought to have excellent communication skills. Master the art of making and delivering effective presentations.

Over 70% of business communication takes place via emails. Send personalized emails to your client. Address the individual concerned by his/her name. Take care of the subject line. The subject line should give the recipient an idea about the content of the email without having to open it. Mails with irrelevant subject line are often not read by recipients. Words like “Hi” and “Hello” are a strict no-no in business communication. Do not send email with spelling and grammatical errors. It creates a bad impression on your client.

Confident: Confidence is the key to success for a business to business marketing professional. Believe in yourself and your brand. A client will only believe you if you yourself are confident. Do not go unprepared for business meetings. Do your homework carefully. Be prepared to answer any of your client’s questions. Never ever be over confident. It will pull you down.

Never be late for meetings. Do not keep your client waiting.

Organize yourself. Keep a pen and note pad handy. Writing on loose papers in front of the client shows your unprofessional approach towards work. Do not forget to carry your business cards. Keep all necessary brochures, pamphlets, documents which you might need at the time of meeting. Make sure your presentation is in the right folder and you don’t have to search for folders in your laptop. Do take your laptop charger in case it runs out of battery.

Be formally dressed for your business meetings. Your shoes must be polished and clothes ironed. Always keep a mild perfume in your bag. If you have a habit of smoking, do keep chewing gums or mouth fresheners handy.

Develop eye contact with the person sitting on the other side of the table. Do not fiddle with your pen, tie or paperweight kept on the table. It shows that you are nervous. Right body language is essential. You don’t always have to look serious. Flash your smile. It goes a long way in breaking the ice between two strangers.

Never lie to your client. If you do not know something, it is always better to get back to your client later rather than lying.

Business to business marketing thrives on strong and healthy relationship with your existing and potential clients. Never be after your clients’ life for selling your products and services. Let them take their own decision. Do not oversell your brand.

Be positive and always try to look at the brighter and lighter sides of things. Remember there is light at the end of every dark tunnel.

Be proactive. Do not linger on things: rather take actions immediately.

Set a goal for yourself. Make sure you do not set unrealistic goals just to please your boss. Know your capabilities well.

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