Tips to Increase Efficiency at Workplace

For an organization to run smoothly, it is essential for employees to ensure tasks are accomplished within the stipulated time frame. Why would a client come to you again if you do not deliver their projects on time? Employees need to find their jobs interesting for them to feel motivated and deliver results on time with minimum errors.

Let us go through some simple tips which increase efficiency at workplace:

Let employees speak to each other. What is the harm if they discuss their problems with their fellow workers? After all, we are mature enough to understand that there are certain things which are confidential and should not be discussed at any cost.

Responsibilities ought to be assigned as per the interest levels, specialization, past experience, expertise of an individual. Problems arise whenever there is a job mismatch. How can you expect an accounts professional to promote your brand effectively and increase the sales within the desired time frame? Some one who is not even aware of the basic fundamentals of marketing would never be able to give results if you put him in marketing or branding team.

As a team manager, you need to understand in which all areas, your subordinates would be able to contribute their maximum. Do not make them feel overburdened.

Encourage them to reach office on time and also leave on time. Do not ask your employees to sit in office till late. Trust me, such a practice not only decreases the efficiency of individuals but also increases stress levels. Individuals need to take rest and spend quality time with their friends and family for them to return fresh and happy, the next day.

Employees need to organize their workstations at least once in a week. Throw away what all you feel would be of no use in future. Keep your desk clean. Stationery items need to be kept at their proper places. File all your important documents neatly in a folder. Put labels on all your files. Trust me, this way you would not waste your time in unnecessary searching. Develop the habit of using a planner and desk top calendar. Jot down all important activities in the planner against their deadlines. Keep all important contact numbers handy.

Learn to prioritize things. Do not concentrate on what all is not required at the moment. Assignments which are urgent need to be finished first. Prepare a “TO DO” list. Write down what all you need to complete before you call it a day. Once a task is finished, immediately put a tick mark against it.

Manage your time well. Be logical to yourself. There is nothing wrong in speaking to your spouse, relatives or checking your personal mails at workplace. Believe me, everyone does that. Work suffers when employees waste their time in loitering around, gossiping and spreading unnecessary rumours. Limit the duration of personal phone calls at workplace. Nothing would help unless and until you are intelligent enough to understand that you are being paid for your hard work and efficiency. Your boss can’t keep a check on you everytime. Ignore unnecessary pop ups, sites with jokes, money making tricks, games and so on.

Employees should be in a position to take some decisions on their own. Why always wait for manager’s approvals even for minor things? It decreases efficiency of individuals and eventually delays work.

Filter your mails. You do not need to answer each and every mail. Ignore mails, you feel is not important.

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